The Delta Enduring Tarot is now on sale!


There is a savage beauty in the depths of the swamp. For each drop of blood spilled into those dark waters, the delta rises. She thrives. She continues to resist the encroaching gulf. So too is the way of her people, who despite endless struggle, continue to find love and wonder in the ruins of the natural world. 

The Delta Enduring Tarot pays tribute to these ebbs and flows, and to the lives of those that continue to make the deep south a more verdant, just, and enduring landscape--despite the storm of oppression always on the horizon. 

The deck consists of 82 vividly illustrated full-color cards on thick glossy cardstock. Each card captures the classic visual themes of the traditional tarot, while weaving in imagery of life in the Mississippi Delta--the natural and the surreal, the joy and despair, the mundane, and the unseen.